University of FribourgFaculty of Economics and Social SciencesApplied Statistics and Modelling

Teaching Statistics and Applied Statistics are our mission.

The ASAM group (Applied Statistic And Modeling) belongs to the Department of Informatics of the University of Fribourg and offers courses in statistics, probability, and applied econometrics.

The researches of the group and its expertise are focused in different and varied fields in applied statistics and econometrics. In survey statistics, we are regularly involved in projects such as the conception of sample design, sampling, the management of surveys and complex surveys data analyses.

On the other hand we have done works and studies in some particular topics of data analysis, e.g. treatment of missing values, matching methods or treatment effect evaluation.

In our econometric projects, our interest is in hedonic regression methods and hedonic price indices, in differential wages decomposition and in discrimination wage analysis.

Finally, fuzzy statistical methods draw also our attention. 


Applied Statistics and Modelling
Department of Informatics
Faculty of Economics and Social sciences
University of Fribourg
CH – 1700 Fribourg

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