ANNEMO (ANNotating EMOtions) is an open-source web-based annotation tool of affective and social behaviors from audiovisual data.

In this tool, the annotator has to log in a web-based annotation interface by using a unique identifier. The interface is split vertically in two parts: a scrolling list of the audiovisual recordings is given on the left side, whereas the video and the annotation cursor are displayed one below the other on the right side of the window.

Affective dimensions (e.g., arousal and valence) expressed in the video sequence can be annotated separately by moving an horizontal slider. For convenience, annotators are allowed to use a control panel to eventually stop and restart the annotation at a given time. Whereas the social dimensions are rated once after having performed the annotation of the affective behaviors, using a 7-Likert scales on the five following dimensions: agreement, dominance, engagement, performance and rapport. Annotation data are automatically saved on a server as log files.

Download and install

Instructions for downloading and installing ANNEMO can be found on the following github page; licence.