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The RECOLA Database is available for free for Academics and non-profit organisations under the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). To obtain a user acount, you need to complete and send all items of the form below along with a signed EULA. Request must come from a permanent researcher (Associate Professor, or full Professor) working in a state University or alike and from an institutional email adress.

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Commercial purpose

A licence is now available for using the RECOLA Database for commercial purpose. Please contact us for pricing and conditions of use.

Relevant citations

Recordings of the RECOLA database and annotations with ANNEMO:

F. Ringeval, A. Sonderegger, J. Sauer and D. Lalanne, "Introducing the RECOLA Multimodal Corpus of Remote Collaborative and Affective Interactions", 2nd International Workshop on Emotion Representation, Analysis and Synthesis in Continuous Time and Space (EmoSPACE), in Proc. of IEEE Face & Gestures 2013, Shanghai (China), April 22-26 2013.

Feature sets available in the main repository:

F. Ringeval, F. Eyben, E. Kroupi, A. Yuce, J.-P. Thiran, T. Ebrahimi, D. Lalanne and B. Schuller: "Prediction of Asynchronous Dimensional Emotion Ratings from Audio-visual and Physiological Data", Pattern Recognition Letters, ELSEVIER, vol. 66, pp. 22-30, November 2015.

Feature sets and baseline system from AV+EC'15:

F. Ringeval, B. Schuller, M. Valstar, S. Jaiswal, E. Marchi, D. Lalanne, R. Cowie and M. Pantic: "AV+EC 2015 – The First Affect Recognition Challenge Bridging Across Audio, Video, and Physiological Data", in Proc. of the 5th International Workshop on Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge (AVEC), pp. 3-8, ACM MM, Brisbane, Australia, October 2015.

Feature sets and baseline system from AVEC'16:

M. Valstar, J. Gratch, B. Schuller, F. Ringeval, D. Lalanne, M. Torres Torres, S. Scherer, G. Stratou, R. Cowie, and M. Pantic: "AVEC 2016 – Depression, Mood, and Emotion Recognition Workshop and Challenge", in Proc. of the 6th International Workshop on Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge (AVEC), pp. ACM MM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2016.