Local Information


The event will take place at the University of Fribourg on Boulevard de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg. The talks as well as the GA of SVOR/ASRO will take place in room C230 of the building 21 (see map below).


How to get to the venue

1. By train

Trains arrive at the Fribourg station. Train timetables can be found on the Swiss Federal Railways website.

2. By bus

From the train station take one of the following busses: 

1 - towards Marly-Gerine

3 - towards Pérolles

7 - towards Clinique

and get off at station Charmettes (for buses 3 and 7) or at station Plateau-de-Pérolles (for bus 1). Timetables can be found on the website of the Transports Publiques Fribourgois

3. On foot

Take the Boulevard de Pérolles (to the right as you leave the train station) up to the roundabout at the Route de la Fonderie. The walk will take 15-20 minutes.

4. By car

Since the route can be quite different depending on which direction you are coming from, we suggest using a GPS or Google Maps to find optimal directions.


Dinner on Thursday evening

After the presentations on Thursday afternoon, we will have an aperitif at the University (offered by the DS&OR group) before going to the restaurant Le Beausite where dinner will take place.

Restaurant Le Beausite
Route de Villars 1
1701 Fribourg



Here is a list of suggested hotels in Fribourg (from the closest to the venue to the farest away from the venue):

- Hotel Alpha (Bus 1 - J. Vogt)

- NH Hotel (near train station)

- Hotel Elite (near train station)

- Hotel du Faucon (Bus 1 - St. Pierre)

- Hotel de la Rose (Bus 1 - Tilleul)

- Hotel Hine Adon Fribourg (Bus 1 - Tilleul)

- Hotel des Remparts (Bus 1 - Capucins)

- Hotel Ibis Fribourg (Bus 1 - Forum-Fribourg)

There are also 2 hotels located in Marly:

- Hotel du Grand-Pré (Bus 1 - Grand-Pré)

- Hotel Acacia (Bus 1 - Marly Cité)