Research Projects

The research groups in the Department of Informatics are involved in a large number of projects funded by a variety of funding bodies and institutions such as the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Hasler Foundation.  Below you will find a list of ongoing projects in each of the groups. For information about past projects, please see the individual pages of each group. Note: the individual group pages and most project descriptions are only available in English.

Document Image and Voice Analysis

XED: A Tool for Extracting Hidden Structures from Electronic Documents

Dolores: Logical Structure Extraction From Electronic Documents

HisDoc: Historical Document Analysis, Recognition, and Retrieval

PART: Printed Arabic Recognition Text in low resolution

ARAMIS: Augmented Reality Avatar as Model for Interaction Science

MyIdea: Biometric Database

CHASM: Combined Handwriting And Speech Modalities

IM2-HMI :Human Machine Interaction

MeModules: Tangible shortcuts to digital information for dailylife activities

HephaisTK : A Toolkit Allowing Rapid Creation of Multimodal Interfaces

Risk Manager Dashboard: visualization for assessing and managing risk in corporate networks through metrics and user behavior analysis

Humanitics: Visual Analytics for All

WotanEye : Personal Information Management and Visualization

IM2-DMA: Database Management and meeting analysis

Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence

BioMPE - Bio-inspired modelling of pervasive environments

ICE - Interactive Collaborative Environment

PeCo - Pervasive Coordination

Software Engineering

MAgIL - Multi-Agent Integration Framework

MediMAS - Medical Multi-Agent Systems

Radio Frequency IDentification - Evaluation of the Technology Supporting the Development of an Assets Tracking Application

MaDViWorld - a Software Framework for Massively Distributed Virtual Worlds

OLIB - OPEN LOOK interface Builder

XVI Library - XView Encapsulation for Eiffel

Foundations of Dependability

PGA – Pretty good  

Janus – The Intelligent Firewall 

Vitels – Virtual Internet and Telecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland 

Verinec – Verified Network Configuration 

E.ProVe (1) – Efficient Property Verification (1) 

E.ProVe(2) – Efficient Property Verification (2) 

eXascale Infolab

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Information Systems

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Decision Support & Operations Research

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