Decision Support & Operations Research Group

The latest group's publications are shown below. 


Reinhard Bürgy, Heinz Gröflin. 2015. The no-wait job shop with regular objective: a method based on optimal job insertion. Working Paper 15-02.

Reinhard Bürgy, Heinz Gröflin. 2014. The blocking job shop with rail-bound transportation, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Published online: 06 March 2014.
Ivo Blöchliger, Nicolas Zuffrey. 2013. Multi-coloring and job-scheduling with assignment and incompatibility costs, Annals of Operations Research, 211(1):83-101.
Reinhard Bürgy, Heinz Gröflin. 2013. Optimal job insertion in the no-wait job shop. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 26(2):345-371.