Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence Group

The group's publications for 2013 and 2014 are shown below. A full list of publications can be found on the publications page of the group's website.
Halabi, A., B. Zimmermann, and M. Courant. Participate, Collaborate, and Decide: Defining Design Problems in a Syrian Community, Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD '13), Cape Town, South Africa, ACM, 12/2013.
Halabi, A. Using Comparison for Qualitative Data Analysis in ICT4D - A Case Study from Syria, IPID 8th International Annual Symposium 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, 12/2013.
Sabiescu, A. G., S. Vannini, D. Salomão, L. Cantoni, and A. Halabi. Methodologies for sense-making in community-based research, CIRN Prato Community Informatics Conference 2013, Prato, Italy, 10/2013.
Szilágyi, S. M., L. Szilágyi, and B. Hirsbrunner. Study of Electric and Mechanic Properties of the Implanted Artificial Cardiac Tissue Using a Whole Heart Model, 18th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition (CIARP 2013), Havana, Cuba, Springer, 10/2013.
Szilágyi, S. M., L. Szilágyi, and B. Hirsbrunner. Modeling the influence of high fibroblast level on arrhythmia development and obstructed depolarization spread, Computing in Cardiology Conference (CINC 2013): IEEE, 09/2013.
Szilágyi, S. M., L. Szilágyi, and B. Hirsbrunner. Simulation of arrhythmia using adaptive spatio-temporal resolution, Computing in Cardiology Conference (CINC 2013), Zaragoza, Spain, IEEE, 09/2013.
Wisniewski, M., G. Demartini, A. Malatras, and P. Cudré-Mauroux. NoizCrowd: A Crowd-Based Data Gathering and Management System for Noise Level Data, 10th International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems (MobiWIS), Paphos, Cyprus, Springer, 08/2013.
Malatras, A., and B. Hirsbrunner. State-of-the-art survey on P2P overlay networks in pervasive computing environments, no. 13-02: Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg, 05/2013.
Halabi, A., M. Courant, and B. Zimmermann. Designing Social Media using Social Media: Lessons from a Syrian Community, CHI 2013 workshop on Designing Social Media for Change, Paris, France, 2013. 
Malatras, A., F. Peng, and B. Hirsbrunner. Energy-efficient peer-to-peer networking and overlays, Handbook of Green Information and Communication Systems, M. S. Obaidat, A. Anpalagan, and I. Woungang (Eds.): Elsevier, Academic Press, pp. 513-540, 2013.