Why a Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Fribourg?

As with all other Swiss universities, our teaching staff are highly qualified scientists. However, one of the particular advantages of studying at the University of Fribourg is that our staff-student ratio is very favorable compared to most other universities. This means that the teaching staff is much easier to reach, and much more readily available for meetings and consultations with students than in other universities. Most bachelor students find this very helpful as they learn to navigate and study in a new university environment since they can have their questions and concerns addressed quickly, and develop better interpersonal working relationships with the staff.   
Another advantage that is particular to our university is that while pursuing their computer science degree, in which computer science will be their primary discipline or major, students also pursue a minor degree in another subject at the same time. In practice, this means that a majority of their courses will be in computer science or mathematics, and the remaining courses will be from the chosen 'minor' discipline. In Fribourg, students are free to chose their minor subject from any of the disciplines taught at the university (art history, law, theology, biology etc).  
Finally, our bachelor program is bilingual - some courses are taught in French, and others in German. There are two main advantages to this. First, it gives students the opportunity to improve their language skills in either language, both through the classes themselves, and through interaction with other students in social and academic settings. Second, bilingual employees are attractive to future employers, particularly in Switzerland, since they can more easily integrate into multilingual teams, or consult with clients from different regions in Switzerland.