Additional Information about our Bachelor in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science curriculum at the University of Fribourg consists of lectures, exercises and projects worth 180 ECTS credits. ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, and 1 ECTS corresponds to about 25-30 hours of work for a course, where a single course is usually worth around 4-5 ECTS. The total number of ECTS credits needed for the Bachelor degree is divided between the 'major' that you study, in this case computer science, which is worth 120 ECTS, and the 'minor', worth 60 ECTS. The 'minor' is a complementary field of study which allows students to pursue academic interests other than computer science in any discipline offered by the University of Fribourg (e.g. art history, law, biology, economics etc). Once all of the credits necessary for both the major and the minor have been acquired, you will earn your Bachelor in Computer Science degree and can either directly enter the workforce, or continue your studies at the master level.   
To get an idea of the types of courses that we offer at the bachelor level, have a look here.
If you have additional questions about our bachelor program in computer science, please make an appointment by email with the study advisor, Prof. Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche.

BSc Teaching Units

1st Semester
2nd Semester
3rd   Semester
4th Semester
5th Semester
6th Semester
Bold: mandatory courses for the Computer Science minor