Student Life at the University of Fribourg

There are many good reasons to study computer science at the University of Fribourg in addition to the fact that we offer an excellent education and a stimulating and supportive study environment.  
Bilingualism and Language Classes
The university itself is fully bilingual (French and German), which creates a culturally diverse and appealing atmosphere in which to study. The university offers its students free language classes to help improve their language skills in French, German, English and Italian. More information about the classes available can be found on the website of the Language Center of the University of Fribourg.
Student Councils and Events
Our students are also involved in the department's student council (known as the Fachschaft), as well as student councils at the university-wide level, and help organize student parties and events. In particular, our students run a popular annual robotics competition called Fribot, which sees teams from not only Switzerland, but also abroad, design and build robots which compete with one another in various challenges until a winner is declared. University of Fribourg students also produce their own student radio and run the largest student television in Switzerland.  More information about student life in Fribourg can be found on the University's Information for Students website
By participating in the many sports offered by the University, you'll not only keep yourself healthy and fit, but you'll also have the opportunity to meet fellow students from other faculties. The range of sports available include everything from water-sports to mountain sports, dance, fitness, climbing, combat sports and team sports. You can continue to pursue a sport you already know and love, or try your hand at something new. Who knows, you might discover a new sport that you'll continue to practice for the rest of your life! More information about the sports programs available can be found on the University's Sport Services website (note: the site is only available in French and German). 
Cafeterias at the University of Fribourg
The various cafeterias offer a wide range of food and beverages around lunch time, from sandwiches and snacks to a hot and cold vegetarian buffet, two daily menus, and freshly grilled meat and fish. In the evenings, the cafeteria in the Misericorde part of the campus offers a salad buffet and specialties from the grill. For more information about the cafeterias, their menus, locations and hours, please see the University's Mensa Restaurants website (note: the site is only available in French and German).
There are many libraries spread throughout the University campus, but the modern library at Perolles 2 (BP2 - located in the same building as the computer science department), specializes in computer science and offers students quick, easy and comprehensive access to scientific information. In addition to providing students and staff access to a wide variety of journals and online resources, the library is a part of the European Information Center (EUI) and is connected to the Cantonal and University libraries, making inter-library loan easier and more efficient. More information about the different libraries on campus, their locations and opening hours, can be found on the University's Libraries website.
Additional information about  the following themes 
  • studying and living expenses
  • scholarship opportunities
  • accommodation

can be found on the University's Information for Students website.