Important Modalities and Deadlines

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Management is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The student portal of the faculty website provides important information about examination schedules, examination sessions (including enrollement deadlines), exams and final papers, as well as guidelines and regulations that define how the studies are organised and the requirements of the bachelor degree. All students enrolled in the program should be familiar with these guidelines and regulations.  
Some courses, and in particular the purely computer science courses, are offered by the Faculty of Science. In these cases, the rules of the faculty apply, and these rules may be different from those of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. Computer science courses for example are offered by the Department of Informatics and are governed by the rules and regulations of the Faculty of Science
Please note that students must enrol for all computer science courses using the internet platform GESTENS, and that students must also separately enrol for the exam for each course. Enrolment in a course does not automatically enrol a student for the exam for that course.