Why a Bachelor in Information Management?

The domain of information management
Information management focuses on how computer science can be used to enhance business. Examples of typical tasks include using innovative computer science based solutions to improve business processes and create new work flows. 
The design, implementation and management of computer science solutions in business are tasks which are usually performed in a team composed of professionals from different business areas such as production, logistics, marketing, and sales. Information management specialists take a central, leading and mediating role in these tasks.
A lack of information management professionals 
The need for highly qualified information management professionals is and will remain high - there is currently a shortage of such professionals and this fact is not expected to change in the near future. As an information management professional you will help shape the future, whether in industry, commerce, management, the service sector or in research. A degree in information management gives you all of the prerequisites you'll need for a successful start in the professional world.