Master of Arts in Information Management

The Master of Arts in Information Management allows students with a bachelor's degree in information management or a related field to further their knowledge and skills in the application of information and telecommunications technologies.
Structure of the program 
Our Master's program groups lectures into three sets: the first set is information management and decision support, the second set is computer science and the third is economics. Students can create their own personalized study plan by selecting courses worth a fixed minimum number of ECTS credits from the first two groups and completing their ECTS requirements for the degree with courses from the third group. 
Courses from within the first two groups include the over 60 courses given in the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science program, which is offered jointly by the Universities of Fribourg, Bern and Neuchâtel. While some courses are taught in German or French, most courses are taught in English so students who speak English, but not German or French, can complete the Master's program without worrying about language barriers. 
Practical relevance 
The program puts particular emphasis on the practical aspects of the field. This is evident in course topics ranging from e-business, e-commerce and e-government to supply chain management and revenue management, as well as in a mandatory internship. The internship gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a company or in an institution and to gain valuable practical experience. Additionally, the topic of the Master thesis is usually the resolution of a problem related to a practical application.  
Educational goals and career prospects 
The Master of Arts in Information Management offers a wide range of scientifically grounded and practical courses that prepare students particularly well for the labor market, where the interdisciplinary experience and practical knowledge gained throughout the degree are greatly appreciated. 
The degree gives students access to positions in various industries such as information and telecommunications, finance, high-tech and entertainment, as well as to positions in public administration and teaching and training. It also makes it possible for students to continue their studies by pursuing a doctorate degree, which in turn opens doors to additional interesting positions in industry and academia. 
The Master of Arts in Information Management not only provides a scientifically sound and practical background in information management, but in light of the high demand for skilled and practice-oriented computer scientists, it also provides excellent career prospects. 
Additional information 
Additional information about the Master of Arts in Information Management, including information about admission requirements and enrolment procedures, can be found in the current Master's students in Information Management section of this website, or on the website of the Faculty Economic and Social Sciences. Alternatively, you can make an appointment by email with the academic advisor for the program, Prof. Marino Widmer.