Installing a DIUF Printer on Windows

There are two main ways to install a DIUF printer on Windows. The first, easier, method is the following:

  1. Open menu Start --> Control Panel (or Settings on old menu themes)
  2. Choose 'Printer and Faxes'
  3. Choose 'Add a Printer' (menu left/top)
  4. Choose Network Printer --> Next -->
  5. Choose 'Connect to this Printer'
  6. Name: Enter "\\print\\printer_name" (for example: " \\print\diufpr07 ")
  7. Choose if you want it as your default printer, then click on "Finish". 
Please note that to take advantage of the automatic authentication you *must* login into Windows with your UNIFR login.

If you encounter problems installing a printer via \\print try the following method:

  Download the appropriate printer driver from: \\diuf-file\software\windows\DiUF Printers\
  1. Copy the directory with the name of the printer to your desktop
  2. Open menu Start --> Control Panel (or Settings on old menu themes)
  3. Choose 'Printer and Faxes'
  4. Choose 'Add a Printer' (menu left/top)
  5. Choose 'Local printer attached to this computer', but uncheck 'Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer'
  6. Click 'Next'
  7. Select 'Add a new port' and select 'Standard TCP/IP Port'
  8. Click 'Next'
  9. Click 'Next' in the new window.
  10. Enter the printer name (ex. diufpr07) in 'Printer Name or IP Address'
  11. Click 'Next', 'Next', 'Finish'
  12. Click on 'Have Disk'
  13. Click on 'Browse'
  14. Navigate to the .inf file saved in the driver directory from step 2.
  15. Select and install the driver.
  16. Finish the wizard with the default options.
  17. Print a test page to verify the newly installed printer