Installing a Multifunction Printer on Ubuntu Linux

To install a TOSHIBA e-STUDIO 5520C or a e-STUDIO 5055C printer (like diufpr05), please refer to this guide.

In case you don't use the proposed script mentioned in the guide:

  1. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing
  2. Create 'New Printer'
  3. Select 'AppSocket/HP JetDirect'
  4. Enter the IP address of the printer
  5. Select 'Provide PPD file' then click on the selection bar where (None) is written and open the location to which you download this ppd file the, then select 'Use the new PPD'
  6. enter the 'Printer Name'
  7. enter the 'Description'
  8. enter the 'Location' and select 'Apply'
  9. In Printer Options, select, Media Size=A4, Media Source=Auto, Duplex=2-Sided, No Tumble(Long-Edge...), Collate, Department Code, Do not Print Blank Pages, Printing Modes DC (your department Code), Color Settings 1: Color Type=Mono, 600dpi and Color Settings 2=General *), Then [Apply]
  10. open /etc/cups/ppd/PRINTERNAME.ppd with an editor
  11. find all instances of "CUPS User" and replace this string with your USERNAME
  12. now when you print, the document will printing without any user interaction on the printer's display