Checking Printer Status, Changing Cartridges and List of DIUF Printers

Checking Printer Status

You can use the following url to check printer status. If you are asked to log in, you can do so with your UNIFR login 'UNIFR\your_login', then select a printer (URL on the left). You can also check the status by typing the printer name into a browser. The name directs automatically to an https page showing the status of the printer. 

Changing Cartridges

Changing printer cartridges is the responsibility of the user of the printer. If you see that the cartridge has run out of ink during your print job, please change the cartridge. Cartridges can be found in room A460. Once you change the cartridge, please place the empty cartridge in the box of the new cartridge and bring it to the DIUF secretariat so that the cartridge can be properly disposed of. If you take the last cartridge in room A460, please don't forget to inform the secretariat so that new cartridges can be ordered as soon as possible.