MailCleaner Antispam Tool

The university uses the MailCleaner anti-spam and antivirus tool. 

To report spam

Forward the spam or suspicious email to either or, making sure that you include the header of the spam email. Every mail client gives you the possibiilty to show the header. In Thunderbird for exemple, click on View -> Headers -> All . This procedure is similar in all email clients except Outlook 2010. To find the header information in Outlook 2010 open the mail client, then go to File -> Information -> Properties. You will then see the header (example below). Copy all of the text that is shown inside the blue rectangle in the figure below and paste it into the mail you forward to MailCleaner. 
Image: example header from Outlook 2010.

To customize MailCleaner 

You can customize how MailCleaner treats your incoming mail. MailCleaner provides instructions on how to do this. You can access the instructions by logging in to the MailCleaner webpage using your university email address and password, then going  to 'Help' -> 'User Manual' and opening the manual under the heading 'Configuration'.