Outlook Web Access

You can read your university email from any web browser using Outlook WebAccess.
To access Outlook Web Access
You can access Outlook Web Access in one of two ways:
Features of Outlook Web Access
You can find most of the regular features of email clients in Outlook Web Access. However, to be able to use all of the available features and rules, you must access Outlook from an Internet Explorer browser - all other browsers will only provide a set of 'light' features, although this set still includes the most important email client features. These features include:
  • receving and writing email
  • an address book
  • creating a folder structure to organize your mail
  • a calendar
  • a search function
  • the possibility to add a signature
  • the possibilty to create 'out of office' messages
  • a junk-email folder and the possibility to configure it
  • the possibility to change your password
  • online help
Redirecting and Forwarding Emails
Special rules such as redirecting and forwarding email can only be done using the Internet Explorer browser. Only the 'light' version of Outlook Web Access is available on other browsers such as Safari and Firefox, which limits the functionalities available. This pdf shows you how to create rules to foward and redirect emails. 
Changing your password
Information about changing your password can be found on our page about passwords.