eXascale Infolab


Ongoing Projects

  • Entities at XI - exploiting entities in order to better retrieve, understand and summarise information represented in texts and other media
  • TripleProv - system extending a native RDF sotre to efficiently handle provenance-enabled queries inside data stores
  • dipLODocusRDF - system for RDF processing efficiently supporting both simple transactional queries and complex analytics
  • Smarter Cities - data management architectures to support Smart(er) Cities infrastructures
  • The OLTPBench Testbed - extensible testbed for benchmarking relational database systems
  • Human Computation at XI - human-powered systems, tools and interfaces to tackle data management problems when machines fall short
  • Memory-based Information Systems - designing information systems taking into account ideosyncrasies of human memory
  • Linked Data supported Learning - ontology aimed at providing a standard schema for European Univisities involved in the Bologna Reform 
  • ScienceWISE - article annotation and scientific bookmarking based on a field-specific concept ontology