Account Information

Staff and student accounts
All University staff and students are given an electronic account and must comply with a number of rules and regulations in order to be able to continue using these accounts. The University's 'Directions des Services IT' provides detailed information about these rules and regulations, and all staff and students should read them carefully to avoid any problems.
Guest accounts
Guest accounts can be requested by filling out a form. Please note that to guarantee that the activation is done on time the request for the guest account must be made at least one week before activation and that then person that requests the account is responsible for the account. Additional information about guest accounts and for guest users is availale in French and German
Problems connecting to DIUF-file
If you are having problems connecting to DIUF-file it might be because...
  • there was an error in the mapping process. You must do the mapping as follows:
    • DIUF\your_username (if you don't do this the computer tries to do it as UNIFR\your_username, which will not work)
    • the folder should be diuf-file\share (if your computer is not connected by default to the unifr domain use\share)
  • you used the wrong password. You have to use your LINUX password (you got an extra mail when you requested a linux account), not the UNIFR password. If you forgot your linux password, you can request a new one.