Wired Connections
When you first arrive at the Univesity, a wired network connection will be set up for you at your desk for the machine that you are given.
Changing offices
If you change offices, you will need only to inform us and to plug a grey RJ45 network cable into your machine.
Finding your assigned network cable number
If you need to find out which network cable has been assigned to your machine, you can check online using your UniFr login and password.
Finding the IP name, MAC address, User Name or Office number of a computer, printer or screen
To find out the IP name, MAC address, user name or office number of any computer, printer or screen, you need to enter the inventory number of the device in the online form (French, German).
The inventory number can be found on the inventory label on each machine. The lables look like one of the following: 

Wireless Connections

In general, to connect to the University's wireless network follow these steps:
  1. activate the wireless
  2. select "secure-unifr"
  3. enter your complete UniFr email address (
  4. enter your password
  5. accept the certificate