The ultimate in networking

The SWITCH-PWLAN allows students and staff of Swiss Universities to be able to log in to wireless networks throughout Switzerland using the log-in access which they use at their university. Irrespective of where they happen to be, students and employees not only enjoy free Internet access but can also access their university's resources. This has been made possible through a form of cooperation unrivalled anywhere within Europe: the commercial WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) of "Monzoon Networks", "Swisscom" and "TheNet" are partners of SWITCH-PWLAN and make their hotspots available to university students and employees. In return, customers of the WISPs also benefit from wireless Internet access at all the Swiss universities.

How it works

All that you need for mobile Internet access is a laptop with WLAN capability, a university access account and your university's VPN client. Your university must, of course, have registered for the PWLAN service. The number of educational institutions opting for SWITCH-PWLAN is, moreover, constantly increasing.