Mac Support

Ordering and connecting your Mac

By default, staff members will receive a Windows machine. If you would prefer a Mac, it will have to be ordered. To order a Mac, follow these steps, keeping in mind that you should do them at least 4 weeks before you need your Mac. 
  1. Ask the head of your group if they agree with the request.
  2. If they agree, write an email to the sysadmins (with your professor in CC, otherwise the request cannot be processed) with the following information:
    • the kind of Mac (Mini Mac, Mac Book, Pro, Retina etc.)
    • the screen size needed
    • your office number
    • the inventory number of the computer to be replaced if the Mac replaces an older computer
  3. Once you have received your Mac you need to connect it to the network by filling out an online form and then waiting for a response from the DIT telecom section. 

Installing or re-installing your Mac

To install or re-install your Mac, follow these steps. 

  1. Make sure that your network cable is connected and registered. If you're not sure if your cable has been assigned to your machine or not, you can check using an online service.
  2. Boot your Mac, holding the [N] key pressed.
    • If, during boot, you get a folder containing a ? Then check that your network cable has been registered correctly. If you are absolutely sure that your network cable has been assigned to YOUR machine, and the ? remains, read the Apple Support suggestions.
  3. Wait. Select the first round arrow.
  4. Before you install, read the document about the specifications of your requested hardware (note: only available in French)
  5. You will get a list with software to install. Select the OS and the language you wish to install (i.Ex. DIT_MACBOOKPRO_10.8_EN)
  6. Press [ENTER]
  7. Select the HD and the .dmg, then press on the round arrow in the window, othwerwise the installation will not start.
  8. Wait.

Setting up your Mac

A number of documents are available to help you set up your Mac.

If the installation is buggy...

  1. Check if you selected the correct OS - read the brochure for the requested hardware
  2. If you are sure, you did not make an error, contact support(at), and tell them
    • the inventory number of your Mac
    • your office and phone number
    • which OS and language you tried to install (i.Ex. DIT_MACBOOKPRO_10.8_EN)
    • what exactly is bugging (error messages, hanging system, installation finished but when logging in the system hangs, etc. ...)

If you can't access afp://siufmimac02/software

Only staff have access to this share. If you are a staff member and have problems accessing this share please contact the Direction des Services IT.