Buying Software

Supported and Unsupported Software

The University differentiates between software that is supported by the DIT (Direction des Services IT) and software that is not supported. Supported software is installed by the DIT by default on University machines and the University's IT Support Center can help solve any problems related to it. Non-supported software can be installed by the DIT, but the IT Support Center does not provide assistance when problems occur. The DIT provides further information about supported and unsupported software (FrenchGerman), as well as a detailed list of which common software falls under which category (FrenchGerman). 
For employees of the University, software is available at afp://siufmimac02/software and \\common\software\windows and \\common\software\UNIX

Non-standard Software

All non-standard software must be purchased using the request for new software form (please note that this form can only be accessed via the INTRAnet, therefore you must connect either through the University network or using VPN). If the software was not requested and accepted under the general informatics budget, the costs will need to be paid by the informatics budget of the department that requested it. The costs of software available under a site license are covered by the DIT.

Software for Private Use

Information about how to buy software for private use can be found on the University's dedicated webpage (FrenchGerman).