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NSD-Editor Nassi-Shneiderman Diagram-Editor

Student project of Marcel Kalt


The NSD-Editor is a graphical tool to create and edit diagrams of type "Nassi-Shneiderman".

The user can manipulate diagrams in a graphical, mouse-driven editor. The editor automatically adjusts the layout of the diagrams depending on its size. The editor can generate source code (C and PASCAL) from diagrams. The current version is running under MS-WINDOWS(TM) and written in Borland DELPHI(TM).


The current version of the NSD-Editor is Version 1.0, released on 5-Dec-1996.

Software & Documentation

The software can be downloaded for free. Documentation (in german) is also available.


The documentation (in german) is also available online.

Last Modified: January 9, 1997

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