Open Postdoc Position


Open Postdoc Position in the Foundations of Dependable Systems research group at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

We are seeking a senior researcher with a PhD in computer science that we want to employ as on a postdoc position. The candidate should have a background in theoretical computer science. Candidates with a more practical computer-science background who are not theory-averse and those with a mathematical background who are not technology-averse are also invited to apply.

There is a certain flexibility in the required background of the candidate. Please consider applying in case your research interests have something in common with:

  • automata theory (in particular ω-automata)
  • models for timed and hybrid systems
  • temporal logics
  • verification tools (model checker or proof systems)
  • Kleene algebras
  • verification of machine learning algorithms (this is very vague and we do not even fully know, what we mean by that)
  • verification of cyberphysical (aka hybrid) systems

The selection procedure will start end of March 2017 until the post is filled (and this job advert will disappear).

Please send your application in PDF format to Please contact also in case you require further information.