department of informatics

Funding Sources

Our group is funding its research activities through national and european bodies. Currently, our funding sources allow to support a team of about 12 researchers including one full professor position, two senior researchers, one post-doc and 8 PhD students.

The Swiss innovation promotion agency (CTI) is currently funding two applied research projects in which our group is a technological partner of local IT companies: LoyalCity and NetSecurity.

The EU 6th Framework Programme is funding the BioSecure Network of Excellence (IST-2002-507634) in which our group is active in different work packages.

The Swiss Hasler Stiftung , in the framework of the Man-Machine Interaction call is funding MeModules, a research project in which our group partners with three Universities of Applied Science.

Our group is also part of IM2 , the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Interactive Multimodal Information Management. Our group is currently involved in four IPs, namely IM2.DI, IM2.DMA, IM2.HMI and IM2.MPR through the following projects: Faeric World, JFriDoc, CHASM, ...

The Swiss National Science foundation (SNF) is currently funding two research projects in our group. The Marie Heim-Vögtlin programme is funding WebOCR and the free research programme is funding Faslav.

Finally, the University of Fribourg is also contributing to some research projects such as YML.