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Dolores - Document Logical Restructuring

Summary :

Dolores aims at recovering the logical structures of electronic documents (newspaper, scientific papers...). Dolores uses the canonical format (XCDF) generated by XED as a starting point. From this format representing the physical structure of a document, Dolores focuses on further logical structures recovering. This recovered knowledge could be extremely useful :

  • retrieval and document alignment could be drastically improved due to a more precise indexing;
  • document reediting would be far more easy (retro-engineering);
  • application of views and styles over logical data allowing powerful information selection and presentation.

Currently Dolores focuses on the newspaper class, this kind of documents offers a lot of interesting and relevant features: a rich layout with a lot of typographical and topological information as well as deep logical hierarchies. In the future Dolores should be able to process any kind of textual centric documents.


Period : The project has started on summer 2004 and is supposed to last 4 years


Participants :

Publications related to this project

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