department of informatics

EcoGes - Economic free hands gesture recognition


Nowadays, touchable displays are very common. The users like the very intuitive way of using them (IPhone, Android, etc.) mainly because there is no need of knowledge for using them. We would like to build up on this simplicity and go to the next generation of gestural interaction, namely mid-air hand gestures.

The goal of this project is to explore mid-air hand gesture human-machine interaction. For this purpose research works concentrate on the design, development and evaluation of mid-air hand gestures recognizers with different kind of gestures. Furthermore, the project will explore the use of various forms of feedback to augment usability and precision, and also to recover from recognition errors. Finally, our evaluations will concentrate not only on the performance of the recognizer systems, but also on usability and effort metrics, so that gestures can be performed during a long time period, avoiding movements tiring or unconfortable for users.


The project started in February 2010 and will finish in summer 2014.


The project is funded by the IM2.