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FASLAV: Towards Fully Automated Spoken Language Acquisition, Understanding and Speaker Verification by Machines

Summary :

The current state-of-the-art speaker verification systems are limited to the use of frame-based spectral features that are basically modeled globally via Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM). In such systems the linguistic structure of the speech signal is not taken into account and all sounds are represented using a unique model. Beside this, in recent years, research on text-independent speaker verification has expanded from using only the acoustic content of speech to trying to utilise high-level information, such as linguistic content, pronunciation and idiolectal word usage. Works examining the exploitation of high-level information sources have provided strong evidence that gains in speaker recognition accuracy are possible. These promising techniques are however built using manually transcribed databases that are error-prone and expensive to create. These databases need also to be updated with new data sets in order to match with potentially new specifications (channel, microphones, context of use, ...) of the verification data. Data-driven segmentation techniques provide a potential solution to these problems because they do not use transcribed data and can easily be applied on development data minimizing the mismatches. Through this work, our objective is to show that automatic segmentation based on Automatic Language Independent Speech Processing (ALISP) tools, can be used instead of the phonetic one for speaker verification task in order to extract complementary information.


Period : The project has started on January 2003 and is supposed to last 4 years.


Fundings : The project is funded by the Suisse National Science Foundation (SNF) and by BioSecure - Biometrics for Secure Authentication, Network of Excellence.


Participants :

  • asmaa.elhannani AT
  • dijana.petrovska AT (thesis supervisor)
  • rolf.ingold AT

Partners : Members of the EU BioSecure project

Publications related to this project
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