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Database management and meeting analysis

Summary : The goal of IM2.DMA is to develop new techniques for managing multimodal data, which will facilitate its sharing among IM2 partners. Because data-driven methods lie at the heart of most of the IM2 IPs, a common data set and an extensible range of annotations are key to project integration. Therefore, IM2.DMA aims at developing hardware setups for data acquisition, storage and distribution, coupled with software solutions that will allow smooth and efficient access to the data and to its annotations. A flexible data model will be proposed to accomodate the exchange of various types of information, namely raw multimedia data, metadata about each recording, and time-dependent multimodal annotations.

Period : The project has started on 2006 and will end on 2009.

Fundings : The project is funded by SNF through the NCCR IM2

Participants :

Partners :

  • UniFr
  • ISSCO (UniGE)
  • EiAFR