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IM2.HMI Human Machine Interaction

Summary : Imagine that you missed a two-hour meeting with your colleagues, but that this meeting was recorded. You want to know what you missed, but you do not want to replay the entire meeting. Instead, you want to find quickly just the parts that most interest you. While other IPs in IM2 develop analysis and recognition technologies to address this need, the primary objective of IM2.HMI is to build on these other technologies to develop interactive browsing systems. The objectives of IM2.HMI fall into three broad categories:

  • Design novel interactive meeting browsers.
  • Develop working prototypes, suitable for human testing.
  • Evaluate the usability of these interactive prototypes with human subjects.

Period : The project has started on 2006 and will end on 2009

Fundings : The project is funded by SNF through the NCCR IM2

Participants :

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