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MeModules (2006-2010) as tangible shortcuts to multimedia information

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Tangible interfaces can be useful to establish links between our memory and information. We call them "MEMODULES". They roost abstract information in the real world through tangible shortcuts. MEMODULES are tiny tagged physical objects containing a link towards information sources that can be further accessed by several devices. We consider them as tangible hypermarks, i.e. embedded hyperlinks to abstract information attached to everyday physical objects. MEMODULES not only materialize information in the real world through tangible reminders, they also help controlling daily life devices. This project aims at designing, implementing and evaluating MEMODULES facilitating (a) information access and categorization and also (b) the control of everyday devices.


  • Help manage personal daily life information
    • Decrease information overload
    • Increase attention, control and memory
  • Support well-being (e.g. reducing stress)
  • Empower browsing skills on large multimedia archives


  • User centered design (ethnography, scenarios, focus groups, usability, etc.);
  • Technology driven approach (Smart sensors, multimodal toolkits, information visualization, etc.).

Expected Outcomes

  • Studies of MEMODULES usage (+ user studies and reaction to TANGIBLES prototypes);
  • Full integration of Tangible interaction in a state-of-the-art multimodal toolkit (find best fusion);
  • Novel tangible sensing devices;
  • Novel RFID setup and devices for localisation;
  • Innovative information visualizations based on standard information representation schemes (MPEG-7, WordNet, etc.);
  • Framework (taxonomy) and guidelines for designing TANGIBLES;
  • Dissemination and industrial contacts.

Contacts @ UniFr

Contacts @ EiaFr



  • University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (EAI-FR)
  • University of Fribourg (Unifr)
  • University of Applied Sciences (HEG)
  • University of Applied Sciences (HEVS)


  • Alexandre Boder
  • Anne Le Calve
  • Bruno Dumas
  • Denis Lalanne
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Florian Evequoz
  • Houda Chabbi Drissi
  • Omar Abou Khaled
  • Rolf Ingold
  • Sandro Gerardi
More details can be found on MeModules webpage.