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MyIDea : Multimodal Biometric Database

MyIDea, a Multimodal Biometric Database

Summary :

  • MyIDea is a multimodal biometric database which was recorded by the University of Fribourg Switzerland. The database acquisition was performed in the framework of the Swiss National project IM2 and of the EU NoE BioSecure.
  • The University of Fribourg distributes the database to the members of IM2 and BioSecure. The distribution is also open to research institutions for a minimal amount of money that basically covers the administrative costs to perform the maintenance, the backups and to ship the data.
  • The database is massively multimodal including: fingerprints (with two sensors), talking face, signatures, handwriting, palmprint and hand geometry.

Period : The project has started in 2004. The acquisition phase is now ended and the validation is running. The project will be open as long as data will be requested by research institutions.

Fundings : The project was partially funded by IM2-ACP (Phase I of IM2) and by BioSecure NoE

Participants :

  • bruno.dumas AT
  • catherine.pugin AT
  • andreas.humm AT
  • florian.evequoz AT
  • jean.hennebert AT (in charge)
  • dijana.petrovska AT
  • rolf.ingold AT

Partners : The project is performed in collaboration with GET France (contact person: Dijana Petrovska)

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Publications related to this project:

  • B. Dumas, C. Pugin, J. Hennebert, D. Petrovska-Delacrétaz, A. Humm, F. Evéquoz, R. Ingold, D. Von Rotz, "MyIdea - Multimodal Biometrics Database, Description of Acquisition Protocols." In proc. of Third COST 275 Workshop (COST 275), Hatfield (UK), pp 59-62, October 2005.
  • B. Dumas, F. Evequoz, J. Hennebert, A. Humm, R. Ingold, D. Petrovska-Delacrétaz, C. Pugin and D. Von Rotz, "MyIDea - Sensors Specifications and Acquisition Protocol". Internal Publication of the Informatics Department, Univeristy of Fribourg, 05-12, June 2005.