department of informatics


Netsecurity - Network Security Intelligence Through Distributed User Behaviour Modelling and Interactive Visualizations

Period: 2006-2007


This project involves the Department of Computer Science of the University of Fribourg (DIUF) and NEXThink, a start-up software company developing a new generation of security management solutions. The project will develop distributed user behaviour modelling and leading-edge visualizations for NEXThink Security Intelligence Management Solution. The new system will be used to expand deployment of the solution with early-adopter customers and support large to very-large organizations with several dozen of thousands of employees.

Our goal on this project is to combine two approaches: AI driven and User centric. First, a novel AI approach that address and removes the issues mentioned above through the use of an untapped dimension: user and networked application behaviour to modelize the activity generated on a computer network. Secondly, these data mining methods are combined with information visualization techniques in order to filter and present to the administrator the relevant information; data-mining researchers believe that statistical algorithms and machine learning can be relied on to find interesting patterns, while information visualization researchers believes in the importance of letting users' visual systems lead them to hypothesis making. Our goal is to combine both approaches.



Financed by the CTI-KTI