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Risk Manager Dashboard

The Risk Manager Dashboard

Visualization for assessing and managing risk in corporate networks through metrics and user behavior analysis.


This project involves the Department of Computer Science of the University of Fribourg (DIUF) and NEXThink S.A., a start-up software company developing a new generation of security management solutions. The project will develop novel visualizations for risk monitoring in network security. New visual metrics will be developed in a way that risk can be correctly captured and easily understood by non-technical users. The project will also develop interactive visualizations to analyze the causes and consequences of changes in risk levels. The new system will be used to expand deployment of the solution with early-adopter customers and support large to very-large organizations with several dozen of thousands of employees.


Period: the project started on January 2008 and is supposed to last 1 year

Fundings: the project is funded by CTI/KTI the Swiss Confederation’s innovation promotion agency

Partners: University of Fribourg (DIVA Group) and NEXThink S.A.


Project material

During the first 3 months of the project our research effort has focused on the analysis of metrics and visualizations to isolate original behaviors in the network and to characterize the level of homogeneity in the consumpion of network resources.

Internal deliverables: