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SMAC - Smart Multimedia Archives for Conferences (2005-2006)

Summary : The goal of SMAC project (Smart multimedia archives for Conferences), in collaboration with CERN and EIAFR, is to create a tool allowing the acquisition, storage, analysis and consultation of conference archives. The data contained in these archives, made of scientific articles, slideshows, audio/video files and speech transcriptions, will be all aligned, i.e. temporal, and thematic links will cluster the data together. The SMAC project will cover four principal tasks: (1) Acquisition of conference raw data (speaker audio/video, slideshow, articles, etc.); (2) Data archiving and linking with existing digital libraries; (3) Data analysis and production of meta-data and alignments for further indexing; (4) Multimedia conference Web browser.

A first prototype is already in production at CERN and EIAFR. Further, the capture module of SMAC has been used by various partners in IM2.

Period : The project has started on 2005 and will end on 2007.

Participants :

Partners :

  • CERN


More details on SMAC webpage.