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YML/DML/DGL : integration of the core XML languages

Summary :

  • The objective of this project consists in a reflexion on the core XML technologies : XML, XML Schema and XSLT/XPath. Although XML has become a widely used standard for managing data of thousands of applications, we believe that most of the technologies and associated standards around it have not yet reached a mature stage.
  • Our goal is not to propose a new standard, which would not be realistic. Instead, we would like to demonstrate that new and simplified paradigms enable to manage structured and semi-structured information in a more reliable and more efficient way.
  • The project is composed of three parts :
    • YML is a XML fragment, designed to simplify the processing of semi-structured data.
    • DML (Document Modeling Language) is a schema language, more complete than DTD but simpler than XML Schema.
    • DGL (Document Generation Language) is a new processing language, designed to generate and transform semi-structured data.
  • The focus is put on integration. All three languages are designed in order to fit perfectly together.

Period : This project has started on April 2005 and is supposed to last three years.

Fundings : University of Fribourg

Participants :




  • Catherine Pugin, Rolf Ingold, "Combination of Transformation and Schema Languages Described by a Complete Formal Semantics. In proc. of ACM Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng 2007), Winnipeg (Canada), August 28th - 31st 2007, accepted for publication.


  • Catherine Pugin, Rolf Ingold, "YML: une version épurée de XML pour faciliter une spécification rigoureuse des modèles de documents et des transformations". In proc. of Conférence Internationale sur le Document Electronique (CIDE'06), Fribourg (Switzerland), September 18th - 22th 2006, pp. 59-76.

Master Thesis

  • Catherine Pugin, "Implémentation d'un parseur validant pour YML/DML", DIUF, UNIFR, avril 2005.
  • Jan Schönbächler, "YML/DML : une révision de XML", DIUF, UNIFR, avril 2004.