HisDoc III represented at DAS 2018 in Vienna

The HisDoc III team is well represented at DAS2018 in Vienna with various papers and activities.
Prof. Rolf Ingold presents a Keynote talk where he will describe the outcome of a series of "HisDoc" research projects funded by the Swiss National Foundation, covering pioneering attempts to study the whole processing chain from layout analysis to information retrieval of historical manuscripts, including script analysis, word spotting and handwriting recognition. This description will be complemented with an overview of other related research projects, in order to convey the current state of the art in the field and outline future trends.
Vinay Chandran Pondekandath and Marcel Würsch are presenting a Tutorial on "Reproducible Research in Document Image Analysis". They present two different approaches for solving parts of this problem. DIVAServices the Web Service framework that allows for easy sharing of Document Image Analysis methods, and DeepDIVA a Deep Learning Framework built with full reproducibility of experiments in mind.
Furthermore we present two posters:
Mathias Seuret presents "A Semi-Automated Modula Annotation Tool for Ancient Manuscript Annotation" where he will talk about DIVAnnotation. This modular tool allows for easy annotation of historical documents using semi-automated methods.
Marcel Würsch presents "Web Services in Document Image Analysis - Recent Developments on DIVAServices and the Importance of Building an Ecosystem". In this poster he presents new updates to DIVAServices but also raises the point that building tools and services around the core framework is important too.