HisDoc Workshop in Fribourg

After a successful workshop two years ago, we invite Swiss Researchers to a Joint Workshop on Historical Document Analysis in Switzerland. We would like to use this opportunity in order to encourage exchanging information about current work and perspectives on Historical Document Recognition and Processing in Switzerland.
Many international and national projects focus on various kinds of historical documents. Each participating group will have the chance to give a 15 minutes’ presentation about their finished, ongoing, and envisaged research.
As a highlight, two influential international researchers will give keynote presentations about current trends and novel challenges in the digital humanities. In a poster session, individual PhD theses, related projects, and novel ideas can be presented and discussed with more detail. Finally, in a concluding panel discussion we will speak about the role of Switzerland in the international research community.

Building PER‐II, BD des Perolles 90
Room G‐120, building 22 at http://www.unifr.ch/map/de/perolles.php
Reachable via busses 1,3, and 7, bus stop Pérolles

Tentative Schedule
10:00‐10:15 Welcome Address by Rolf Ingold
10:15‐11:00 Keynote 1: Social Networks of the Past (Josep Llados)
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30‐12:15 Keynote 2: Computational Document Analysis: A Humanists' Perspective (Daniel Stoekl)
12:15‐12:30 Poster Teasers (1 min. per poster)
12:30‐13:30 Joint Lunch (buffet) & Poster Presentatios
13:30‐13:45 HisDoc 2.0 and related projects (Marcus Liwicki)
13:45‐14:00 A Semantic Infrastructure for Scientific Manuscripts (Gilles Falquet)
14:00‐14:15 Pose and Pathosformel in Aby Warburg’s Bilderatlas (Leonardo Impett)
14:15‐14:30 Looking at Maya Hieroglyphs (Daniel Gatica‐Perez)
14:30‐14:45 The Bernoulli‐Euler Online (BEOL) project (Sepideh Alassi)
14:45‐15:00 Recognition of Potsherds Teotihuacan (Edgar Roman‐Rangel)
15:00‐15:05 Preparation of Discussion Groups
15:05‐15:30 Coffee Break
15:30‐16:30 Discussion groups in rooms G‐120 / G314 / G414 / G514
16:30‐17:40 Panel discussion