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Computer Market Studies

Historical Background

Empirical studies about the usage of IT technologies have a long tradition. In 1961, Prof. Ernst Billeter startet already with a survey of Switzerland's IT landscape. In 1982 Prof. Richard Kühn developped a new framework for these empirical studies. From 1988  till 1998 Prof. Ambros Lüthi performed the Swiss Computer Market Study every two years. Afterwards, Prof. Andreas Meier focused on market studies in eBusiness and eHealth.

Study of 2002 with main focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Together with KPMG Switzerland and the Swiss Department for Statistics the usage of IT for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was analysed:

Report in German - CRM Market Study 2002 (PDF, 200KB)
Report in French - CRM Market Study 2002 (PDF, 303KB)

Questionnaire in German - CRM Market Study 2002 (PDF, 121KB)
Questionnaire in French - CRM Market Study 2002 (PDF, 124KB)