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Fuzzy Based Service Level Management - AS 14 (Semester Course)

23. September 2014 - 5. December 2014

The objective of this seminar is to study fuzzy logic issues in order to define and extend use cases within Service Level Management. Master students from the Faculty of Ecomomics and Social Science will describe practical cases for usage of fuzzy logic within Service Management. Master students from the Faculty of Science can improve an existing prototype (Python/Graph Database) to better deal and visualize imprecise dependency information. Instead of an examination the students have to submit a project report and present their findings.


IT spending needs to get aligned to actual demand and required service levels. In order to pass this flexibility on to Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the customer new demand analysis and planning instruments are necessary. In this seminar we address the business and IT alignment challenge for IT services to define optimal and flexible service level objectives with means of intuitionistic fuzzy logic.  


Roland Schuetze  Email :  

Andreas Meier

Date Hour Course / Excercise Room
Tuesday 23.09.2014   17:15 - 19:00   Seminar   PER 21 B205  
Friday 03.10.2014   13:15 - 17:00   Seminar   PER 21 B205  
Friday 05.12.2014   8:15 - 13:00   Seminar   PER 21 A403  



Regulations from September 13th, 2013 on the organisation of assessments at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Fribourg  

homework / Speech: At the kickoff meeting 23.9. 17h00-18h30 and 3.10. 13h15-17h00, a short introduction into IT Service Level Management and Fuzzy Logic will be given. Also, a list of research topics will be distributed and discussed. The students have to select one of this topics and would get additional research literature. In addition, they have to submit their project proposal till October 10.

Presentation of Findings: December 5th, time is depending on the number of research projects.
The students have to present their findings in 20 minutes with additional discussion of 10 minutes. Also, the final report has to be submitted till December 12th 2014.

Based on the presentaiton and the project report, the final grade will be fixed.

  • The registration period on mySES for this course / seminar will be from September 1st 9h00 to October 3th 2014.
  • The registration for this course / seminar also implies the registration to the assessment period.
  • After October 3th 2014, you cannot register any more to the course / seminar nor withdraw from the course / seminary