department of informatics

Marketing Analytics & Data Mining

1. October 2012

You will hand in a 15 to 20 pages paper on one of the following topics:

  • A case study of application of our IFC data mining tool to a real world data set that you gather in the economy
  • An extension of our IFC data mining tool, for example attribute selection, clustering, or association mining
  • A literature survey on inductive fuzzy classification for analytics and data mining.

For more information, see the official course description here:


In this seminar, you will learn about Data Mining and Analytics techniques applied to Marketing. The specific methodology is based on inductive Fuzzy Logic, in order to gradate Customer Relationship Management data analyses. You will write a 15 to 20 pages seminar paper and give a short presentation showing your understanding of Inductive Fuzzy Classifrication for Marketing Analytics from the viewpoint of either theory, technology, or application. If you focus on theory, you will hand in a literature survey on the topic. If you choose to work in technology, you will program and describe a small prototype of an extension of our data mining software. If you decide to concentrate on application, you will contact companies for collaboration, apply our data mining software to a real world dataset, and present your findings in a research paper. We encourage you to apply your knowledge in our economy.

There are no prerequisites. However, if you want, you can prepare yourself using the book of Witten and Frank or Turban (see section on literature).




Date Hour Course / Excercise Room
Friday 05.10.2012   13:15 - 15:00   Course   PER 21 F130  
Friday 05.10.2012   15:15 - 17:00   Course   PER 21 F130  
Friday 12.10.2012   13:15 - 15:00   Course   PER 21 F130  
Friday 12.10.2012   15:15 - 17:00   Course   PER 21 F130  
Thursday 13.12.2012   8:15 - 12:00   Course   PER 21 B130  
Thursday 13.12.2012   13:15 - 15:00   Course   PER 21 E1