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Software Engineering II - Database Systems HS-2008

1. September 2008
Lecture: Tuesday 08:15 to 10:00, PER 21 G120
Documents: Moodle
Exercises: Monday 13:15 to 15:00 (every fortnight)
Description: The lecture introduces the area of databases: database draft, entity-relationship model, relational algebra, structured query language (SQL), architecture of database systems, concurrency control and transactions concept.
Content: Data management: Components of a database system and advantages of the database deployment; Organisation, data architecture, data organisation and techniques.
Entity-Relationship Model: Entities, associations, relations; Aggregation, generalisation; Transformation rules for entity and relation sets.
Relational model: Normal forms; Functional, transitive and multivalued dependencies; Extension of the relational model.
Relational algebra: Set and relation oriented operators, different join operators, completeness, predicate calculus.
Structured Query Language (SQL): Introduction to SQL, data definition and manipulation, views concept, authorization, integrity conditions.
Architecture of database systems: Layers architecture, translation, query optimization, tree and space organised memory structures.
Multiuser operating: Transactions, serialisability, pessimistc and optimistic methods, two phase locking protocol.
Work with a database system: Data protection and security, archive after the generation principle, error treatment, tuning and optimization.
Postrelational databases: Object relational and object oriented databases, databases for online analytical processing (OLAP), fuzzy databases
Keywords: Database Management System, Entity Relationship Model, Query Language, Transaction Management, Data Protection and Security
Curriculum: Bachelor Studies in Economics and Computer Science
Language: German
Examination: Written examination at the end of the semester. All subjects treated in the lecture, in the exercises and in the given chapters of the textbook are relevant for the exam.
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