department of informatics

Current Team of the Information Systems Research Group

Head of the Department

Picture Full Name Current Position
Andreas Meier's picture
Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier
Head of Chair for eBusiness & eGovernment

Research Assistants

Picture Full Name Current Position
Marcel Wehrle's picture
Marcel Wehrle
Research Assistant
Joel Vogt's picture
Dr. Joël Vogt
Roland Schuetze's picture
Roland Schuetze
Research Assistant (PhD Student)
Amos Kromer's picture
Amos Kromer
Aigul Kaskina's picture
Aigul Kaskina
Research Assistant/PhD student
Simin Jabbari's picture
Simin Jabbari
Research Assistant / PhD Candidate
Pascal Gerber's picture
Pascal Gerber
Bachelor Assistant
Aleksandar Drobnjak's picture
Aleksandar Drobnjak
Research Assistant / PHD Student
Richard Conrardy's picture
Richard Conrardy
Karin Altorfer's picture
Karin Altorfer
Bachelor Assistant

Former Members

Picture Full Name Current Position
Darius Zumstein's picture
Dr. Darius Zumstein
Web Analytics Professional
Daniel Wismer's picture
Daniel Wismer
Thomas Wettstein's picture
Dr. Thomas Wettstein
Nicolas Werro's picture
Dr. Nicolas Werro
BI Solution Architect
Huong Luc Thi Thu's picture
Dr. Huong Luc Thi Thu
Lecturer at the Vietnam Commercial University
Ngoc Pham Thi Bich's picture
Dr. Ngoc Pham Thi Bich
Lecturer at the National Economics University
Luis Teran's picture
PD. Dr.  Luis Terán
Former Assistant Doctor/Lecturer
Henrik Stormer's picture
Dr. Henrik Stormer
Project Manager
Marco Savini's picture
Dr. Marco Savini
Daniel Risch's picture
Dr. Daniel Risch
Loan Thuy Guynh Nguyen's picture
Dr. Loan Thuy Quynh Nguyen
Mai Quynh Nguyen's picture
Dr. Mai Quynh Nguyen
Edy Portmann's picture
Dr. Edy Portmann
Assistant Professor at University of Bern
Frederic Noyer's picture
Frédéric Noyer
Undergraduate Assistant
Dona Mommsen's picture
Dr. Dona Mommsen-Ghosh
Christian Mezger's picture
Christian Mezger
Data Warehouse Developer
Philippe Mayer's picture
Philippe Mayer
Undergraduate Assistant
Ambros Luthi's picture
Prof. Dr. em. Ambros Lüthi †
Peter Kueng's picture
Dr. Peter Küng
Michael Kaufmann's picture
Dr. Michael Kaufmann
Business Analyst at FIVE Informatik
Andreea Ionas's picture
Dr. Andrea  Ionas
Data Warehouse Consultant
Stefan Huesemann's picture
Dr. Stefan Hüsemann
Lecturer of the Department of Informatics
Uwe Heck's picture
Dr. Uwe Heck
Daniel Frauchiger's picture
Dr. Daniel Frauchiger
Project Manager
Daniel Fasel's picture
Dr. Daniel Fasel
BI Solutions Architect at Swisscom