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Full Name: 
Dr. Dona Mommsen-Ghosh


Domains of Interest: 
  • Knowledge management and CRM for investment advice
  • Valuation and pricing of investment advisory services
  • eBanking and using the online channel for investment advice
  • Electronic Data Interchange in financial services


  • Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2005). A Multi-layered Valuation Framework for Pricing Investment Advisory Services. Hawai'i International Conference on Systems Sciences, January 3-6, 2005, Big Island, Hawaii.
  • Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2004). IT-enabled Product Design & Pricing of Investment Advisory Services. Presented the Doctoral Consortium at Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), August 5, 2004, New York City, NY.
  • Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2004) "Ontology-based Repository for Specifying Investment Advisory Services As A Knowledge Product", accepted for ECIS 2004, June 14–16, in Turku, Finnland.
  • Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2003) "Deriving Product Specifications for Investment Advisory Services as a First Step Towards Pricing". Proceedings of the 36th Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences, January 6-9, 2003 in Big Island, Hawaii.
  • Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2002). Risk Analyzer at CS Private Banking. Teaching case study published as supporting material for Turban E. et al. (2002) “Information Technology for Management: Transforming Business in the Digital Economy”, 3rd Ed., Wiley.
  • DC WI-IF 2001 Mommsen-Ghosh, D. (2001). Service Modules and Valuation Modules – A Model for investment advisory services and their valuation (in German). Doctoral Consortium WI-IF 2001, Schloss Reisensburg bei Günzburg.
  • Ch. Hübscher, D. Mommsen "Kontextuelle Aufgabenanalyse bei Anlageberatern für die Entwicklung einer Web-Appliation", Vortrag bei der SI Software Ergonomics, 29.11.2001, Zürich.


  • Master of Business Administration with specialization in Information Systems, completed in Winter 1999
  • PhD thesis "AdWiser—IT-enabled Design, Delivery and Pricing of Investment Advice as a Knowledge Product" defended in spring 2008
  • German
  • French
  • English


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