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A Human-Oriented Web-interface for SmartParticipation


This thesis proposal is situated in the area of Voting Advice Applications (VAAs). VAAs are a relatively new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) internet-application. Few researchers have yet investigated to find out more about the reliability, usability and pos- sible dangers which could come from VAAs and potentially influence the politics.
In this thesis a fuzzy-based cluster analyzing algorithm is implemented and integrated into a human-oriented web-interface. To find out how the interface should be implemented differ- ent VAAs will be compared to create a list of requirements. Further research papers will be taken into account to understand common problems and critics on todays VAA web-interfaces and functionalities. To develop the interface, aspects in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research especially for the case of web-design will be taken into account. The main part will therefore deal with implementation concepts and try to find out which theme, style, buttons and sliders are suitable for such a VAA web-interface implementation. Elements of the Storyboard concept will play a major roll during the planing phase.

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