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A Conceptual Model to Combine Creativity Techniques with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Enhanced Knowledge Management

Publication Type:

Book Chapter


Integrated Systems: Innovations and Applications, Springer International Publishing, p.131-146 (2015)




Creativity techniques, fuzzy cognitive maps, integrated systems, knowledge manage- ment, stakeholder management


This chapter introduces a conceptual model to combine creativity techniques with fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) and aims to support knowledge management methods by improving expert knowledge acquisition and aggregation. The aim of the conceptual model is to represent acquired knowledge in a manner that is as computer-understandable as possible with the intention of developing automated reasoning in the future as part of intelligent information systems. The formal represented knowledge thus may provide businesses with intelligent information integration. To this end, we introduce and evaluate various creativity techniques with a list of attributes to define the most suitable to combine with FCMs. This proposed combination enables enhanced knowledge management through the acquisition and representation of expert knowledge with FCMs. Our evaluation indicates that the creativity technique known as mind mapping is the most suitable technique in our set. Finally, a scenario from stakeholder management demonstrates the combination of mind mapping with FCMs as an integrated system.