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Enhancing Citizens' Participation via Recommender Systems

Publication Type:

Book Chapter


Luis TerĂ¡n


Digital Solutions for Contemporary Democracy, IGI Global, p.99--123 (2015)





With the introduction of Web 2.0, which includes users as content generators, finding relevant information is even more complex. To tackle this problem of information overload, a number of different techniques have been introduced, including search engines, Semantic Web, and recommender systems, among others. The use of recommender systems for e-Government is a research topic that is intended to improve the interaction among public administrations, citizens, and the private sector through reducing information overload on e-Government services. In this chapter, the use of recommender systems on eParticipation is presented. A brief description of the eGovernment Framework used and the participation levels that are proposed to enhance participation. The highest level of participation is known as eEmpowerment, where the decision-making is placed on the side of citizens. Finally, a set of examples for the different eParticipation types is presented to illustrate the use of recommender systems.