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A Fuzzy-Based Platform for Stimulating Citizens' Participation

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Luis TerĂ¡n


International Conference on E-Business and E-Government (ICEE 2012), IEEE, Volume 4, Shanghai, China, p.2353-2357 (2012)





Community Building, eCommunity, eDemocracy, eParticipation, Fuzzy Clustering, Recommender System, voting advice applications



Voting advice applications, social networks and virtual communities have become a hot topic in today's society. Such technologies could also improve democratic processes, increase citizens' interest in political issues, enhance participation, and renew civic engagement. However, the difficulty of finding other citizens or parties that share common goals is still a barrier. In this paper, the SmpartParticipation platform is introduced. It uses a fuzzy-based recommender system architecture for recommending political parties, candidates, and the creation of virtual communities. The platform, uses the so-called fuzzy profiles for both: citizens and candidates to define political orientation and interest on different issues. Afterwards, the recommendation engine computes fuzzy clusters for the recommendation. Finally, citizens can evaluate the top-n politicians from different political parties in an election process and/or build up communities that share their common interests. The recommendation engine provides to users, a bi-dimensional political/issue-based landscape to better understand their proximity to politicians or issues